A Free Day in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

2014-05-10 14.36.02
Temple of Dendur, The Sackler Wing.
October 24, 2011
Nothing beats going to the museum on a Sunday afternoon. Each museum holds a landmark of New York City. Museums displays include schools of history, arts and design. The architectural structure of each institution shares a unique sense of time, space and culture. Exhibitions and art installations change all year-round. I am interested in sections of world history and fine arts of different eras. There is much to do and many places to discover in the city of New York. From The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The American Museum of Natural History, MOMA,The Museum of Moving Images, the list of New York’s finest museums goes on.
I share the beginning of my journeys to the Museums of New York. I recommend each worth a visit. The city has a constant energy and vibrance that makes you want to see it all in one day. Which is doable by the way, check out the map of how to tour Manhattan in one day.
I relocated to New York City in October 2011. One of the first things I was interested in was checking out Art institutions. I take my time exploring museums. Each museum holds timelessness through infinite pieces of art. From the moment you enter each institution you experience History through an authentic atmosphere.There are many displays of art exhibitions and installations, independent movie features and talks. There are always different sections in each museum to check and enrich oneself with.
One of my first trips was to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Located on the Eastern edge of Central Park, it is considered one of the largest Art Museums in the United States. The authenticity of the museum and the grandeur of this place makes it the most visited museum in the world.
I share with you my favorites spots at the Met.The Museum has a powerful character as soon as you enter the main entrance. Check out the family map here .
A little tip: PAY WHAT YOU WANT IF YOU WANT TO and If you don’t have all day to explore the MET, I recommend you visit the following rooms of the museum:
The Egyptian Art Section:
This section includes approximately twenty thousand pieces. One of my personal favorites is The Temple of Dendur. As if you traveled in time to a different land. Children love to rev up their imagination, go in the Temple and sketch the monuments. Further information on the Egyptian Art section is available on The Metropolitan Museum website.
The Egyptian section is located on the northern side of the Museum with a picturesque view of the park. I love to sit by the stairs and enjoy a book with the beautiful sunlight filtering through the hall.
dec 2014 window
Northern side of the Egyptian section
photo credit: Gina Stovall
photo credit: Gina Stovall
2014-12-29 17.05.13
The Sphinx
Arms and Armor room.
After taking my time in the Ancient Egyptian section, I head to the Arms and Armor, one of my favorite galleries in the museum. Located on the first floor, the technological progress and evolution of weaponry is displayed through each case. The great evolvement of swords presented, traces the development of material culture. Each sword is beautifully crafted and designed from a different historical time frame.
2014-05-10 13.51.01
Arms and Armor

Then, I wander off to the massive portraits in the American wing and enjoy the art presented in each piece. There is so much to see!

2014-05-10 13.34.40
The American Wing

Enjoy the pictures below from the MET.


2014-05-10 16.41.20

2014-05-10 16.42.52
DSC01214 copy

2014-12-29 16.02.24

I finally end my trip through the Islamic Art and Moroccan Section. Where you can experience the beautiful prints, Arabesque and the timeline of the History of Art during the Islamic times.

Teaser_Gallery 461-Damascus Room
The Islamic Art Display



A city is best represented through its art institutions and I wholeheartedly agree that New York is on top of its game in the Art world. Admissions in The Metropolitan Museum is a suggested donation. Enjoy!

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