Why You Should Visit The Beautiful Beirut


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August 8, 2015:
Beirut is unlike any other city in the Middle East. The city is considered the Las Vegas of the Middle East. Beirut shares a sensational vibe, fashion, culture and cuisine that are fascinating with the coolest people. I was fortunate to visit Beirut for the very first time in August 2015. I think I did plenty of different activities during my visit, but there is always more to see in this eccentric city.

Here are 5 reasons why you should add Beirut to your travel list:

1 – The Glorious Muriel of Sabah also known as Al-Shahroora on Hamra Street/Rue Hamra.
Hamra Street is known for the hub of young artists and tourists. Pretty theaters and cafés fill the sidewalks of Hamra. The vibrance and energy of Hamra’s neighborhood is refreshing. Many cool restaurants, bars, clubs and tiny handmade craft shops align on the streets of Hamra. Hamra is always busy with people walking and hanging out at bars and enjoying the atmosphere.

2 – The Food
I was starving the first night I arrived in Beirut. My two friends who were studying Arabic for the summer had the perfect idea. We walked to Tehmarbouta a restaurant/bar near Starbucks Hamra. I was fascinated by the beautiful designs of the bar, the walls and the table settings. There is also an outdoor section.
Lebanon is known for its exquisite Levantine cuisine. Focal ingredients are Hummus, Lebnah (ultra-light cream cheese), Taboulah (salad infused with parsley), Beetroot Paste, olive oil, pitas and more. Everything goes with the infamous Debs el Ruman (Pomegranate Syrup) infused in meats. The Lebanese take their time to enjoy every meal with a conversation and great music. Everything is tasty and perfect.

For Breakfast, I fell in love with a Bagel filled with Lebnah, Avocados and Tomatoes.
Cafè Younes:
No one goes to Beirut without stopping for coffee at Cafe` Younes, since 1935. The cafe is located in Hamra. You smell the aroma from down the block. The Coffee is infused with Herbs creating a sensual taste to die for.

Shawerma also plays a big role in the Lebanese menu. Barbar is a very popular chain restaurant with a wide selection of amazing sandwiches.
Barbar Restaurants

3 – Art and Fashion:
Art is everywhere in Beirut. Fashion also plays a big role in the Lebanese life. Lebanese women are known for there exquisite beauty and elegant style:
Murals of Art are projected in many areas and neighborhoods. This Mural says “Love”.

 4 – And of course, the Beaches:
Beirut has many beaches around the outskirts of the city. Most of the beaches are 20 – 50 minutes away. The blue water and white sands are amazing.
Rawshe Beach, Beirut
Jouneih Beach 770
Jouneih Beach
Azure Beach
Pebbles Beach - Byblos
Pebbles Beach – Byblos

5 – Nature:
The nature in the mountains share a serene view and atmosphere aligned with the city. The picturesque view balances the crazy city life with fresh air and the most gorgeous mountains.

Till we meet again Beirut!

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