The New York Arabic Orchestra.

NYAO Ensemble
NYAO Ensemble

The New York Arabic Orchestra is a gateway to understand and embrace Arab culture through Arabic music in North America. The New York Arabic Orchestra is a registered non profit organization and NYC’s leading institute in classical and contemporary Arabic music. The group is directed by world-renowned virtuoso and educator, Bassam Saba. NYAO’s mission is to preserve and promote classical and traditional Arabic music presented in concerts, new compositions and music education. The NYAO annual program vision includes a series of concerts in the NY Metropolitan and Northeast workshops, including semester-long music classes in NYC.

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031230_a-double-OudI was pleased to attend the NYAO Launch evening at the Lebanese American University in NYC performance by April Centrone and Bassam Saba. Feel free to check out their mission and beautiful pieces created by the group. NYAO holds a vision for education offering courses in Arabic Percussion, Choral, and Ensemble. The NYAO Choral course caters to adult students who wish to learn and sing classical Arabic songs in fun group settings, with opportunities to perform by the end of the semester. The Ensemble course is a performance class geared towards musicians and music students. Coursework includes exercises in Arabic scales, improvisation and rhythms, analysis and performance of classical and contemporary Arabic music pieces and songs. This course is a prerequisite for those interested in joining NYAO in the near future. The organization offers workshops and outreach programs, and a “Hey Youth” program. Feel free to check out the website for more information.

And check them out on Youtube.

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