8 Ways to Walk in NYC


Taken by @jacobsantiago

Walking on New York streets is a form of art not so easily acquired. The experience of walking is a fundamental function for this city. After all, only a handful choose to drive in this insane city traffic. I created a few mental notes and now would like to share them with you. Here are a few tips I picked up on after living in this city for too long:

1. Stay Alert: When walking, always keep your head up high while simultaneously looking down, you never want to step in a puddle of dog pee.

2. Keep to the Right:
By keeping to the right, you save those who don’t have time to maneuver around you hesitating or questioning your next move.

3. Avoid Rush Hour:
 If past 4:00 pm, on a weekday, be sure to strut 4.5 mph – to power walk. Take fast steps and don’t trip.

4. Stop Checking your Phone:
If you are too eager to check out the latest tweet notification or your mom’s not so urgent WhatsApp text, make sure you master a quick walk-and-text mode. But never text while crossing, it’s crazy as it is. Trust me.

5. Eating and Walking:
Don’t walk and dispose you’re pizza plate or burrito wrap on the streets. It’s just plain rude, plus the city keeps up with doing a great job by placing trash cans on the side of every corner. Keep your city clean.

Taken by @jacobsantiago
6. Park to the Side:
If you need directions or must check your phone, park on the side, just don’t flat out freeze midway, it confuses those behind you and might cause them to trip on your shoe, a scratched heel is the worst!Check your virtual mirrors, turn your head slightly by using your peripheral vision to avoid those coming fast behind you.

7. Bike Lanes:
Please, if you’re coming off the sidewalk don’t forget to look sideways for the bicycles lanes!

8. Pedestrian Rage:
And, if you happen to get screamed at by a – Mr. I’m so busy I’m in a hurry – just ignore and keep walking, don’t call back names.

These are my tips for the day. Feel free to add more traffic walking tricks to arbnyc 🙂

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