Shared Thoughts on Empathy: Happy Thanksgiving.

The U.S. Elections is leaving 2016 to end, in my opinion, as the most bizarre year. We are rewriting and reconfiguring history.

Today, I call for constructing a global community. To knock down all the walls installed by man and look into the causes and effects of change since the early days of society construction. The stark division of parties our nation is witnessing sets back conversation in understanding views of different beliefs backed up by systematic thinking.

Our modern introduction to politics involves disgust and is created with disarray to negate the probability or opportunity for initiating conversation. Disgust is about alienating oneself from the medium. It is about building walls and shattering similarities by surfacing unrecognized differences. Disgust is the mere opposite of love.

Feelings of anger and disbelief can move back-and-forth from one group to the other based on circumstance. I call for shattering this outdated worldview order, the misconception of evil versus good, and call good to take over. Anger and flow of passive emotions continue to sweep the nation in many forms through ideology and thought.

Visibility in racial division and context is steering people away and towards one another. Questions of immigration are being politicized while globalists strive to eliminate ethnic diversity cuts, social capital, and trust. Our nation realizes that strength lies in unity stripped from race, culture, or ideological differences. How can we fight feelings of disgust, painted as a deformed monster? How are we applying empathy and overcoming the misconception of the other used as satanic revolting images?

article 4.jpeg

Powerful Empathy is implemented through sincere strength and understanding. How do we emphasize that we are all the same even when we noticeably share differences? Where can one find the turning point in disgust and dissolve these walls by extending support and understanding? The answer is my fellow reader, Technology.

Yes, Technology creates transparency, it allows collective voices to re-surface from interruptions and steer clear from sugar-coated narratives in the media. Technology creates fluidity of thoughts and creations allowing flexibility of thought and presentation. Man has become his own creator of his/her own fate. Our devices are now installed in the physical medium and in thoughts.

We often forget to apply empathy to people whom we feel as the “other”. When disgust involuntarily seeps its way through and dominates emotions by clouding empathy preferred to classes of the victim. empathy gets to a point when it’s hard to practice.

We become more efficient when we are united. Better as global citizens. Better as Humanitarians. Ask yourself: Where am I a local? Where can I become the most professional and expressive version of myself? How can I implement growth and stability in my own creations and how can I help You?

Technology acts as a catalyst, a live feed transparency for the masses. Tech is embedded in our lives through seamless integration, our devices allow a positive extension of our bodies and we can strategically use these devices to our advantages and against all odds. Most of our generation is viewing politics through the lens of disgust, and we will change this notion soon by amending the status quo on both sides, from bottom to top and vice versa.

We need more women in the tech industry, we need more vigilant inspiring women and girls who know that tomorrow will be better and that gender segregation is a wall that will come down and vanish soon. Hillary Clinton’s agonizing failure to break through the ultimate glass ceiling, in losing the U.S. presidential race to Donald Trump, was a motif of discussion at the Web Summit as tech evangelists fretted about the consequences for women in the tech industry. Tony Conrad, founder of the blog site, said Trump’s views on women and immigrants were “antithetical to everything we in the tech community believe in”.

So here is how you can practice Powerful Empathy in moments of disgust and disbelief: Acknowledge the other. Apologize to yourself and to others. Radiate positive comments. Start a fun conversation. Ask one deep question of morality to better understand human nature. Realize that no one is right and no one is wrong. And as Seth Godin whom I religiously follow and receive his daily emails at 5:35 am says: “Showing up, it turns out, is the hardest part of making a difference.”

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