Learn the Arabic Language Right in the Heart of New York City.

Hey folks,

Below is a comprehensive list I mapped out for my fellow readers who are interested in gaining the experience of learning a new language, in particular, Arabic. As a former Arabic language teacher, I believe that Arabic is a very interesting language filled with rich culture and history intertwined in linguistics and semantics of the language. Students who begin to learn the Arabic language truly gain an immersive experience of Arabic in the heart of New York City.

Ever wonder how to map out the logistics behind the start of studying a new language? The decision to learn Arabic may seem overwhelming, but it shouldn’t. Make sure to ask yourself before enrolling two main questions as a beginner student: where can I find a center that matches my needs and time? And what are the required registration processes? Feel free to check out the list I created with links to each website. Happy learning!



Fluent city .png

The organization establishes deep relations with students based on interactions and using continuous active learning methods. Fluent City is built on the belief that curiosity brings enrichment to our lives, leading to better connections to the world around us. “Today, we’re bringing people together through pop-up events and month-long immersions to discover food and drink, art & design, language and beyond.” Fluent City’s chat box is awesome and super intuitive! Visit the website here to register for Arabic classes.

LAU Logo

The Lebanese American University New York Headquarters and Academic Center/ SINARC offer Arabic language courses. SINARC is offering new classes for the summer semester of 2017 in the very hip and unique midtown Manhattan campus. “The team at LAU is very pleased to present the Summer 2017 course listing for matriculating and non-matriculating students. As a fully accredited institution, SINARC offers a wide variety of Arabic classes at every level – elementary, intermediate, advanced and Lebanese dialect, as well as private courses for individuals or small groups with specific needs and goals, all at very affordable rates. We employ a world-class faculty of native speakers with many years’ experience who specialize in reading, writing, and verbal communication.”



How great is it to study an awesome language at one of the most reputable colleges in NYC! Students who have not studied Arabic at Hunter and who wish to register for ARB 102 must contact Professor Alexander Elinson, see link below. ARB 101 and 102 are not open to heritage speakers as determined by the Arabic program at Hunter. Students who speak, understand, or are otherwise familiar with an Arabic dialect must contact Professor Alexander Elinson. As in the academic-year program, ARB 101 and 102 are 3-credit courses. For more information about the courses, please see the courses section of our website.

For non-CUNY students, information about applying as a non-degree student can be found here.


Arabic School of New York

The Arabic School of New York offers first-class tuition in all aspects of Arabic. They offer courses at all levels, from beginners to advanced, from learning the alphabet to mastering classical and regional Arabic. Students learn more than a language, they learn about the Arabic culture. “There is nowhere else like it in the United States, partly because few schools concentrate on one language. We do, so we give not only the best language teaching, but offer students something far more important: human context.”

Language does not exist in a vacuum, and the school makes sure that students are exposed to all the richness of the Arab world, here in New York. Students graduate with a command of the language and an understanding of the whole cultural background that goes with it. Classrooms will provide you with a confidence and clarity of understanding, while our approach and philosophy will ground you in the whole. Our years of experience and love of our subject are at your disposal.


abc languages .png

ABC Languages offers a variety of Arabic language program options. Choose from Arabic learning options on their website to learn more. “We look forward to getting your Arabic lessons started soon. hazan saeedan!!حظا سعيدا”


listen and learn logo .jpg

“Our native-speaking qualified Arabic teachers can guide you and your group or at home, at a time convenient to you. Classes can take place on any day of the week – even weekends – morning, afternoon or evening. If need be, if meeting at your office or home is not suitable, you can take your lessons at the trainer’s office. Study materials are supplied for you.”

Watch the video provided by the team at Listen & Learn here:

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