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aboutarbnyc.jpgArabic New York – is an online social blog that curates content for young professional New Yorkers with interests or background in the Middle Eastern and North African region.

I created ARBNYC for a young Arab-American professional audience of New York City to share ideas, stories, and cool events. The idea is to bridge cultural worlds between Arab – Americans and our busy NYC lives. in 2015, I built ARBNYC as a capstone project in lieu of a thesis during my Master’s degree studies in Anthropology, with a focus discipline in Middle Eastern Studies. I’m a cultural girl, I love to write, travel, I’m a foodie, a yogini, and I love this city!

ARBNYC includes personal experiences and event write-ups from book releases, university talks, museums, art galleries, and articles related to professional development and technology.

I believe that interests in technology, arts, languages, and culture can bring people together. My interest in online curation grew when I moved from the MENA region back to New York City. New York is a multicultural, energetic, and diverse city. The city can become intimidating to newcomers where social norms, new habits are formed and may seem foreign. I document experiences for users to relate, communicate, and share!

ARBNYC does not intend to share content affiliated by religious conflict or hold political standpoints or carry side agendas. Viewers are more than welcome to share and connect with professional Arabic speakers around New York City. Feel free to check me out on Twitter and Medium.

Feel free to share, repost, comment, and follow me @arbnyc!






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  1. Beth says:

    Hi! Wonder if you will be visiting/posting something about the “Little Syria” exhibit at the NYC Municipal Archives?


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